A prisoner, on his own journey after taking a dose of cocaine paste he bought in the prison.

An inmate shows off his scars. He cuts himself to calm his anxiety.

A prisoner abandons a game of solitaire to ready himself for a hit of crack.

A prisoner covers himself up, while he prepares his next hit, in his cell covered with children's wrapping paper.

Andrés, a Spanish prisoner, in the common room where the poorest inmates get high.

An inmate shows the results of a knife fight and a bullet wound, both of which he survived.

The sexual fantasies of one of the inmates, known as 'the poet'.

A young girl, with her inmate brother.

A girl visits her father in his cell. She stays with him during the school holidays.

Jenny, not an inmate, has decided to pay for a cell so she can live with her child, and her imprisoned husband, as a family.

A two-year-old girl, in one of the prison patios.

A group of children plays in one of the patios, by the trash cans.

Knives are common among the prisoners, although they are officially banned.

Unaware of the inmates' problems, two children play in a stairwell of the prison.

A mentally ill prisoner is visited by the doctor, in the jail hospital.

A scene in the jail hospital. Usually, the patients' inmate friends buy them food from the stalls in the prison, as the state allowance is only a plate of food a day.

An inmate watches a game in the prison sports yard.

The lights of the houses dotted around the hills surrounding La Paz, make for a beautiful atmosphere in the prison at night.

A Peruvian inmate on the point of covering the bulb that lights his cell. On the wall, his national flag.

An inmate leaves the smallest cell in the prison. Inside, there is only room to sleep sitting down.

One of the prison stalls, run by an inmate. On the wall, an advert for a cell up for sale.

The inmates form a chain, to take the garbage to the prison entrance.

A woman with a kitchen knife, calling her husband for lunch in the cell, while other inmates play pool.

Andrés in front of the mirror of a sink in one of the patios. In the reflection, inmates walk around, or hang out on the balconies.

Andrés with one of the hairdressers, also a prison inmate.

Andrés, smoking crack in his cell.

Andres, high as a kite, laments his bad luck in his cell.

Jordi, a Spanish inmate, waits as a policeman checks a message delivered for him.

Jordi, in the door to his cell.

Andrés and Jordi, both Spanish and both detained for drug trafficking.

Next to one of the washing-up sinks in the prison, an indigenous woman prepares some straw for cleaning the toilets.

A girl looks at 'el pozo' – the well – a punishment area.

Teatime. The inmates and their children gather to watch the television, paid for by all the members of that section.

A girl listens to a conversation among inmates.

One of the corridors, at night.

An inmate shows off an open wound, after a fight with another prisoner.

Andrés, a Spanish prisoner, in the common room where the poorest inmates get high.