In the labyrinths of the São Joaquim market, deals are made with the essence of Salvador de Bahía: religious syncretism, superstition and Afro-Bahian flavors. At the entrance, some statues of the orixás (gods) of the Bahian pantheon oversee the provision of everything imaginable for their adoration. An old market worker goes into the Palace of God Oxossi shop and empties a sack: rattlesnakes' tails, goat, deer and cow hooves spill out over the floor. The store manager, some blades of coarse grass tucked behind his ear to protect him from curses, looks over the merchandise.

Outside in the open corridors, they are selling animals for sacrifice in Candomblé ceremonies: goats for 40 dollars, cocks, hens, pigeons and pigs, await their sacred destinies crammed into cages looking out over the sea...

Published in Viajar