"Your card is Odin, god of wisdom. He knew the secrets of the runes after spending nine days fasting, hanging from the world tree Yggdrasil. It's the best card. Odin will guide you on this journey."

It is difficult to decide what is more disconcerting: Icelandic Gudrun Bergmann's predictions, based on her self-invented Viking tarot – the cards spread over the table – or the stunning view from her living room: the Snaefellsjökul volcano, the cone of three snow-covered peaks, dormant since 1229, where Jules Verne set his Journey to the Center of the Earth. Gudrun has built her cabin in front of the volcano, convinced that it is the energetic heart of the world. “This is the most important of the seven mystical points on the planet, its energy directly connects with the Egyptian pyramids," she assures me.

All kinds of meditation groups pass through her house, saying they can feel the presence of fairies, goblins, and a variety of other wonderful beings, all around them. Once a year,

Published in Rutas del Mundo