I am a journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer and traveller born in Madrid.
After working as a reporter for TVE, Antena 3 and Telemadrid, in 2004 I decided to start a journey – that is ongoing – to focus on the stories that I was genuinely drawn to.

My passion for travel, and my interest in those who are systematically silenced, ignored or undervalued, has led to my writing, filming or photographing stories in 17 countries in South America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa.
My work has been widely published in European and Latin American magazines and newspapers including El Mundo, GEO, Libération, Reppublica, ABC, Interviú, Folha de São Paulo, Tiempo, Clarín, Reforma, Gatopardo, La Tercera, Qué Pasa, Soho, Yo Dona, Magazine, La Nación, El Tiempo, among others.

In the political sphere, I have interviewed various presidents, vice-presidents, prime ministers and ministers in power.

From mid-2005 to 2008 I decided to stay in Bolivia, where I worked as
a correspondent for the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and as a stringer for Reforma and La Tercera.

At the end of 2011 my feature-length documentary Mennonites. Alone
in Paradise
, filmed over a period of eight months in southern Bolivia,
was acquired and broadcast by the National Geographic Channel.

I am currently working on a multimedia project on San Pedro prison, in Bolivia.